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Why Should One Invest in a Solar Water Heater?

The Sun is one of the prime sources of energy responsible for the sustenance of life on Earth. It’s a free and invaluable renewable resource that can be utilised optimally to suit our daily needs. Over the years, the world has begun to replace exhaustible sources of energy generation with sustainable sources. With that in sight, solar energy has gained huge popularity among major nations of the world. Many households as well as commercial spaces have been slowly switching to solar panels and other modes of solar energy. One of the most highly appreciated products are solar water heaters.

Even if you’re skeptical about solar water heaters or investing them has not crossed your mind, we want to take a few minutes to give you 5 reasons why you must definitely consider investing in solar water heaters in 2021.

5 reasons why you should invest in solar water heaters

1. Cost effective

Solar water heaters can be an extremely pocket friendly option for both residential and commercial sectors. Solar energy is completely free of cost and highly sustainable. Switching from electric water heater to solar water heater will not only cut down your electricity bills drastically but can also help in tax redemption. The government has been showing massive support towards solar energy projects. Thus investing in solar water heaters would definitely help you to save a good amount of money while you’re filing for tax returns.

2. Low to zero maintenance

Solar water heaters will save you a lot of maintenance trouble. They have the easiest installation procedure, with all the installation guidelines being available with the equipment kit. In order to ensure maximum utilisation of solar energy, make sure that the solar panels are properly cleaned, with no layer of dust or sediment accumulating over it. A yearly maintenance and cleanup is enough for your solar water heater to stay in great shape. If you’re willing to put these minimal efforts, solar water heaters can last as long as 20 years!

3. Environment friendly

Other sources of heating such as gas or electric sources can be harmful to the environment. These equipment emit carbon into the environment, thus increasing the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, contributing to global warming. However, if you switch to solar water heaters, you contribute to the cause of protecting the environment and promoting sustainable livelihood.

4. Increases property value

If you ever plan to sell or rent your property, you can add value to it by adding solar panels. Apart from being low maintenance and highly efficient, solar water heaters can make your property value increase. The government provides tax benefits to households having solar energy equipment. This is why property buyers are always interested in investing in properties with solar panels.

5. Highly efficient

Solar panels are known to be three times more efficient than normal panels. If maintained properly, solar panels can utilise almost 80 percent of the Sun’s radiation and convert it into heat energy. Even on a cloudy day,the solar panels are capable of absorbing the Sun’s radiation. For these reasons, solar water heaters are extremely economical and should be preferred over other sources of heating.

Solar Water Heaters UAE | Thermea Equipment

If this blog made you consider investing in a solar water heater, the next question that arises might be where you should get it from.

Thermea Equipment is one of the biggest suppliers and manufacturers of solar water heaters in and around UAE. With a vision to make sustainable living accessible to everyone, we have come up with revolutionary products at the most affordable prices. Look through our wide range of products and contact us to know more about our services!

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