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A Complete Guide on Design Considerations for Hot Water Plumbing

As you might be aware of the fact that Thermea Equipment is reputed & recognized as the No. #1 suppliers of sole solar water heaters in Dubai.

Today, in this blog we’re going to help you with a treading topic – design considerations for hot water plumbing.

Let’s get started with the blog without a due.

Heating water is typically the second-largest use of energy in residential and commercial buildings (after space heating and cooling).

Despite its resource intensity, the hot water delivery system is seldom an area of significant focus when constructing a building.

As a result, many buildings today are built with poor performing, inefficient hot water delivery systems that take minutes to deliver hot water to the point of use and waste large amounts of energy and water in the process.

The key to proper water heating system design is to correctly identify the quantity, temperature and time characteristics of the hot water requirement.

The goal is to reduce the hot water wait time to 10 seconds or less, which is considered acceptable for public lavatories.

Await time of 11 to 30 seconds is considered borderline and a wait time of 30 seconds or more is unacceptable.

This course will outline the design strategies that will deliver hot water as efficiently as possible while meeting the increasingly challenging regulatory codes and user expectations.

Topics we’re going to cover –

  • PART – 1: Estimating Hot Water Demand
  • PART – 2: Hot Water Generation – Water Heaters
  • PART – 3: Sizing Storage Water Heaters
  • PART – 4: Hot Water System Design
  • PART – 5: Hot Water Plumbing System Installation & Layouts
  • PART – 6: Sizing Hot Water Circulator and Piping
  • PART – 7: Hot Water Temperature Control
  • PART – 8: Facts, Formulas and Good Engineering Practices
  • PART – 9: Regulatory Standards and Codes

We’ve posted the file below click on the download to explore more on our complete guide on “Design Considerations for Hot Water Plumbing”

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