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Best boiler maintenance experts DubaiBoiler Maintenance Experts Dubai

Complete checklist for annual maintenance of boiler – Thermea

Thermea offers you the best boiler maintenance experts Dubai. And, today in this read we’ll help you with the things that you to look for minimizing breakdowns and service interruptions. 

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Boiler Maintenance Experts Dubai

Checklist for annual boiler maintenance.

Annual Maintenance – As the name suggests this should be carried out once in a year by a heating contractor & is done in the summer (Jun-Sept)

The maintenance items should be taken care of when going for annual maintenance- 

  • Fireside surfaces should be inspected and cleaned.
  • All the burner refractory material should be inspected.
  • All the manhole gaskets for leaks should be inspected. 
  • All system valves should be inspected & tested.
  • All safety valves should be inspected & tested. 
  • Low water cut-off should be kept clean & rebuild.
  • All the operating controls should be recalibrated. 
  • Feedwater pumps should be examined.
  • Condensate receiver should be cleaned.
  • Electrical terminals should be inspected.
  • The boiler automation should be switched to summer mode.
  • Fuel oil levels should be checked.
  • Inspect & clean chimneys.
  • Enure the boiler and components are clean & do the tuning. 

Also, if you’re in the search for the best boiler maintenance experts Dubai we Thermea equipment is here to help you with our world-class boiler maintenance services.  

We’ll be posting more of such topics in the coming days. Stay tuned for more.

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