Air to Water Heat Pump Chillers in UAE

Different Types of Chillers for Industrial and Commercial Use

Chillers are equipment that are used in domestic, commercial as well as industrial sectors to maintain optimal temperature as well as serve the purpose of cooling. This equipment is intricate and they come in different types based on your requirements.

While buying a tank cooling system or chillers, it is important to conduct a thorough research and go through all the options at hand. An ideal industrial chiller will help you improve operational efficiency while minimising the downtime.

Let us look at the different types of chiller for industrial as well as commercial use, their applications and a detailed comparison to help you choose the right fit for yourself!


Based on Condenser Type

Based on the type of condenser used in the chiller, they can be categorised into two types :

A. Water Cooled Chillers

In this type of industrial tank cooling system, water stored in an external tower system is utilised to cool down the refrigerant present inside the condenser. The gaseous refrigerant cools down to it’s liquid state and is then recirculated into the industrial system.

Advantages of Water Cooled Chillers

  • These chillers are far more efficient.
  • These are best suited for small to medium scale industrial and commercial setting
  • These are portable in nature
  • The unit makes no noise

Disadvantages of Water Cooler Chillers

  • Requires a constant supply of water.
  • Might have an expensive installation procedure.

B. Air Cooled Chillers

In these forms of chillers, the ambient air from the surroundings can be utilised to take away the excess heat from the gaseous refrigerant and aid the process of condensation. This condensed refrigerant can then be sent for recirculation. Air cooled chillers also have air fans attached to them that helps to speed up the cooling process.

Advantages of Air Cooled Chillers

  • Portable unit, it occupies very little space.
  • Best for small scale commercial cooling requirements.
  • The cost of installation is far less as compared to water cooled chillers.
  • The heat expelled can be further

Disadvantages of Air Cooled Chillers

  • Having cooling fans might produce some amount of noise.

The life expectancy might be quite less as compared to a water cooled chiller.

Based on Mode Of Operation

When it comes to operation, there are predominantly two types of industrial chillers that are most prominently used.

  • Vapour Compressor Chillers

In vapour compressor chillers, a compressor is fitted into the tank cooling unit in order to pump refrigerants into the system after extracting the unwanted heat from the refrigerant. These chillers primarily consist of an evaporator, a condenser and an expansion unit. The compressor aids the chilling process and helps in temperature regulation of the entire system.

Unlike absorption chillers, they do not incorporate an absorbent medium into their system.

  • Vapour Absorption Chillers

Vapour absorption chillers do not have a compressor unit, rather they have an absorption medium, a pump and a generator. The pump carries the heated refrigerant to the absorption medium wherein it gets condensed. After that,it is returned back to the system.

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