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Calorifiers – What are they, sizing and uses?

Ever been to a hotel and wondered where hot water comes from without any geyser in the washroom? That is where calorifiers come into the picture. They are a water storage tank with a heat exchanger coil inside, on the bottom to provide hot water. If you are looking to buy one, Thermea is the leading calorifier supplier in the UAE with more than two decades of experience in this industry. Before we tell you why you should choose us, let us take a deeper look into what calorifiers are, their types, and their uses.

What are Calorifiers?

Calorifiers are storage cylinders that can heat the water inside with the help of external sources such as boilers, solar collectors, etc. they come in handy in commercial spaces such as shower rooms in hotels, gyms, and homes.

A calorifier’s primary role is to store thermal energy for later use, and it may either complement the heat supply or store heat when demand is low. You can access the stored heat instantly without the need for the heat source to warm up. It can be highly beneficial for quick responses, keeping a consistent output throughout the day, and enhancing energy efficiency and system lifespan.

Calorifiers come in different sizes, depending on the capacity of water that they can withhold. The range can be from 500 to 10,000 liters. Depending on the infrastructure, these storage tanks are designed either vertically or horizontally to fit the space.  

Let us take a look at the various types of calorifiers briefly.

  • Vertical – placed on a steel or copper ring stand or legs
  • Horizontal- can be customized with support cradles
  • Direct- uses immersion heater
  • Indirect- uses a boiler, pumps to heat the water
  • Buffer vessels- additional storage
  • Marine calorifiers-calorifiers for boats

Calorifier suppliers in UAE

If you are looking to buy calorifiers in the UAE, then Thermea is your destination. Our calorifiers are durable and are less likely to be exposed to corrosion. They are GI coated to increase the longevity of the tank. Thermea’s calorifier is easy to use and is designed keeping in mind that it requires minimum space.

If you are worried about the long exhausting yearly maintenance of these products, Thermea as your calorifer supplier will eliminate this worry. We make sure that our calorifiers are easy to maintain and repair. We also perform regular tests to add safety protocols as well.

At Thermea, we believe in making sustainable and energy-efficient products for a better world for the future generation. If this ideology fits your perception, you can explore more of our products on the website or give us a call.

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